Spring Into Health:   Mind, and Spirit

The apricot trees (photo) are blossoming in the old orchard on my walking route, as frost loomed dangerously close this week, and two hours drive from us two feet of heavy snow blanketed the mountains and city.   These trees strive annually at the diciest time of year in this valley, their fruiting always a tenuous gamble of weather and the vibrant energy wintered over and now bursting from their buds.   If successful, we enjoy a delectable crop of perfection. If not, those trees go right back to a ‘do-over’ for next year, storing their nutrients and energies deep and waiting for just the right conditions to allow the fruits of their design to come forth in all their glory.

Did you ever find yourself wanting a do-over? To re-make those parts and parcels of your self you’d intended to develop in your relationships, or a shift in the lifestyle, career, social or giving aspects of your life.   What about the injuries and scars you’ve gained in a lifetime of experiences, some well earned, some undeserved. Is it too late for them to heal, to recover from? Or can we trim those back and, like the apricot trees, grow new, strong limbs from that strong sturdy stock that brought us this far?

While we’re only gifted with one body and mind in a lifetime, an amazing healing and transformative ability await our support. Aligning those ‘right’ conditions will allow US to come forth in wonderful ways. We’re not talking about the Easter resurrection per se, though we certainly ARE talking about a resurrection, a ‘coming back to life’ in a manner of bringing to the ‘dead’ parts of our own lives that vibrant renewal in ways that better serve our health, our personal lives, and our world.   While this article is too short to touch every aspect of transformation my clients work on in our coaching sessions (check out my ‘testimonials’ for more), let’s take a look at our health in terms of CONNECTION IN MIND AND SPIRIT.

We are social creatures, beginning our connectedness even before birth.   Yet in our busy, distracted, and sometimes troubled moments, we lose our sense of connection – causing us to feel unbalanced emotionally, spiritually, and even physically to the point of illness. Bringing ourselves back into balance to bring back that fulfillment of connection can be yours with just a little attention and intention:

FRIENDS AND FAMILY are filled with dynamics from supportive to challengingly negative, all subject to misunderstanding and interpretation that don’t always serve well.   To expand your relationship health with others, look for commonalities over differences.   Find opportunity to allow what isn’t harmful to simply ‘be’.   Send an intention toward love rather than feelings of judgement or rejection, and acceptance over a desire to control.

SELF is the most often neglected or most criticized relationship we have. While we appear generous and kind to others, do we treat ourselves the same way as we do them when we look in the mirror, or talk to ourselves about the choices, actions, and decisions we make?   Meditation or prayer is a good start toward a healthier relationship here, also sending intention toward love instead of judgement. Clearing old negative messages and replacing them with little ‘hug’ thoughts of appreciation, finding opportunity each day for a positive thought or aspect of who you are, or a choice you’ve made.   A gratitude journal is great too, and needn’t take more than a few minutes daily to get things rolling in a positive direction.

Beyond relationships, there are other connections of deep importance to our health – without which our mind, hearts, and spirit suffer if imbalanced, to the point of chronic physical illness if not addressed.   Often they are entwined with one another, and include:

CAREER: In the USA especially, our CAREER is a way we define our connectedness in self value. One of the initial ways we establish connection with others is to identify who we are by what we “do” (and often by how well it pays).   Whether it’s paid work, volunteering, or your ongoing education that frames your connection to ‘place’, look for the positive impact this brings you in being connected in this world.

CREATIVITY: Don’t feel ‘creative’? You’re not alone. But you are indeed!   Expressing ourselves is an action of ‘creating’ our connection.   It’s also an area that we often suppress as we go through our practical daily lives. That expression takes on many faces, and appears not only in art or music or writing but also in how we think and behave and interact. It could be in humor, scientific study, mathematical analysis, curiosity, or something completely different. As a matter of fact, studies (and history) have shown that to NOT express ourselves negatively impacts our body functions, particularly in our thyroid health!   How do you express your creativity in life? Or…what inspired you in the past you’d enjoy inviting back to bring a spark of enthusiasm and inspiration to your days?

SPIRITUALITY: as individual as we are is as individual the language of our spirituality, a connection to something greater than ourselves.   Perhaps for you it’s God. Or Earth and Nature. Meditation? The Universe? Or even going within, the Soul.   Find what speaks to your heart and open a connection that supports and sustains a source of spirit for you, and welcome it fully.

PURPOSE/HEART/GIVING: Our guest article below “Freely Give, Freely Receive” is all about this concept of healthy living and fulfillment. Years of work in a church gave me witness to living a reason for existence and reaching out with what we’ve each been given as a very really and energizing source of connectedness.   There are so many ways to live this out to bring a healthy wholeness for everyone it touches.   Go ahead, find yours, I assure you it’s close by simply awaiting you!

JOY: Like sunlight and water to grass, without some aspect of joy in our lives, we wither.   Even a small amount makes an enormous difference to balancing our health.   Joy can appear in any of the aspects of our connectedness, and is actually how we know we ARE connected in any of these ways.   Take a moment each day to acknowledge a joy in the day, no matter how small or large. Notice where it appeared, and celebrate it. As you pay more attention, before long, you’ll notice more little buds of joy growing in your life, and can even put focus on those areas you’d like to build and renew even more.

What does this look like for you? Confusing? Scary? Exciting? Hopeful?
What change can you make right now, for your own spring tendrils to begin to unfurl, and your buds blossom and fruit with vital energy ready for healthy change? See the Healthy Action Homework on the sidebar to help you get started. If you’re challenged in getting clear about what really fits YOU, I’d LOVE to help you craft your path – let’s set up that Clarity Consultation (see sidebar) to hone in on achieving that peace of mind and spirit you yearn for and deserve.

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