Makes 20-24 one inch cubes. You can eat the entire batch and only consume 12 carbs!!). Great mid afternoon re-energizing snack or tummy filler, and the energy drink brand I use has shown to especially help with attention, focus, and energy (and ADD/ADHD/behavior issue) – how’s THAT for a nice kid snack alternative to crazy sugar revving!   Enjoy!

  • 6 packets plain gelatin
  • 3c hot water (filtered)
  • 2c cold water (filtered) *you can substitute any fruit juice for this as well (make sure it’s good stuff, not junk though)
  • **4 single energy drink powder packets (I used Raspberry and Dragon Fruit flavors)

  **the brand I use is a sugar-free blend that has B6, B12, Niacin, Magnesium, green tea extract, L-Theanine, quercetin, and Monterey Pine bark extract. Many flavors, and decaf or caffeinated, I used a blend for this batch.   To order the energy drink brand I use, click here: *Caffeinated   *Decaf

Heat 3 cups of water (preferably filtered) to boiling and pour into mixing bowl. Add all packets of gelatin and all packets of energy drink powder. Stir til gelatin is dissolved (hint: pour packets into 1cup of the cold water and let sit for 30 minutes to soften for better dissolving first).   Add cold water, stir, and pour into 9″ or 12″ square flat casserole dish (glass or ceramic preferable to aluminum). Chill several hours til set. Cut with table knife and enjoy! Keep refrigerated when not eating =)

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