Spring Eating

By: Michelle Clark, Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture

According to Chinese medicine theory, eating light in the spring is important to help cleanse the body of fats and heavy foods that we have been eating during the winter months.

What’s in season? Asparagus, fresh greens, sprouts – these all have an ascending nature in Chinese medicine and have the ability to wake up our sluggish winter-heavy systems. It’s time to stay away from salty, heavy meats, miso, stews and dense soups that might appeal to us for the cold days during winter. Spring-time is when we get a green light to begin adding some raw foods back into our diet. Thinning out beets and carrots, eating the greens, is a good way to cleanse your system.

Specific foods that help harmonize the liver meridian (remember from past posts, spring is the time to focus on the liver/gallbladder) are complex carbohydrates, small amounts of honey (it has a detoxifying nature), apple cider vinegar, amaranth, quinoa, spring onions, and any herbs that are bitter, specifically, dandelion root!

Who knew there was a purpose for those bothersome weeds?!

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