1c Frozen spinach
1/2c other chopped veggies (peppers, onion, mushrooms, broccoli, etc)
1tsp coconut oil (or olive oil)
1 egg
salt, pepper, seasonings (turmeric is great and healthy!), salsa

Put veggies in a small saute pan with a little water, let cook til water evaporates and
veggies are cooked through. Crack egg in medium bowl, add cooked veggies and stir
together. Rinse pan, place back on stove, add oil to coat pan. When heated, pour in
egg mixture, add seasonings. Flip once when solid enough to flip. Remove to plate,
top with salsa and chow down! Alternatively, wrap in lettuce or swiss chard leaf for a
grab and go (skip the salsa, it will drip!). Refrigerates well – Make a large batch and cut
slices to pull out each morning to warm for a quick getaway.

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