My goal is to support you in re-connecting with your body however that looks. If you have issues with your sleep, digestion, weight gain, etc, I have created a specialized program for you. I also work with you directly to make sure you get the most out of your time.


Feeling dull, uninspired, and as though your body just isn’t doing what it used to…or what you’d   LIKE it to be doing? Just “at odds” and not sure why your body isn’t playing along as nicely as it used to? We can CHOOSE our relationship with our body just as we choose our other relationships.  RECONNECT with your body and healthy lifestyle,   become an ACTIVE PARTNER in your relations with yourself, and discover a transformation in your health, perspective, and a renewed joyful experience in the one body you get for a lifetime!  


If your hormones are behaving like a bunch of kids in their first ear splitting violin-playing attempts, and you’d rather they behaved like a well-rehearsed orchestra, this is your starting place. Our many hormones affect ALL our body functions. When they are not working well together, we experience distracting, disruptive, debilitating symptoms instead of a beautiful symphony. Become the conductor of your hormone health by learning how to   rebalance, and identify areas to support more deeply.  Learn how to recognize, tune in, and help your “orchestra” to perform more beautiful music for a lifetime.


We are all unique. Our bodies have similar parts, functions, and even looks. Yet your body operates differently from your brother’s, your father’s, your friend’s. Our cells take in information through our lifetime, creating a map of learned responses, behaviors, and coping mechanisms unique to each of us. Some of those serve us well, while some DID serve us well at one point but now get in our way!  By tuning into and learning your unique body wisdom, we build key connections, and can reconstruct coping mechanisms, behaviors, and responses of our body and brain to holistically transform your health and life!


More than 70% of our immune system lies in the gut, which acts as the right hand man to our brain. A fantastic system when working together well, our body is very good at giving us a good idea that something is wrong. One way might be if you just feel something isn’t quite right, even if your doctor says our test results are normal – that’s your “gut instinct”. Or you just get sick. A LOT! Or you experience chronic digestive or memory/brain fog/emotional issues that just aren’t the NORMAL you. Or you are diagnosed with an “Auto-Immune” disease, a bundle of symptoms that there is no real effective medical protocol for.  Rebooting your gut, brain, and immunity will help you’ll power up, stabilize, and calm connections and functions to get the gut, brain, and immune system back online and fully connected.


Is your skin telling you something is wrong… but you don’t speak “skin”? Our largest organ is a real truth teller when it comes to imbalances, with dryness, breakouts, paper-thinness, or jowly flabbiness. How do we help our skin become healthier and happier, while helping all that stuff move out of the body that doesn’t belong there!  Learn conversational “skin” through nourishing foods, supplements, and lifestyle shifts that will make your skin much happier and healthier.  

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