Paula Roelands

I help you partner with your body by giving it the lifestyle and dietary tools it’s asking for…….. so you can leave behind the confusion of conflicting health SHOULDS, RULES, THEORIES and FADS and start to trust it to manage its natural ability to be strong, resilient, and healthy.

Paula hosts popular hands-on workshops on fermented foods and digestive health as well as engaging presentations on thyroid health, stress management, and fatigue relief.

Paula received her health coach training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and teaches part time as a certified level II PSIA Ski Instructor at Vail Resorts. With additional experience as a spiritual program coordinator plus a dozen years in community development and leadership, Paula has supported personal improvement, self confidence, and increased physical health for thousands of individuals of all ages over the last three decades.

From her first weighty experience with the “freshman forty” to a life changing cross country move at age 53, Paula’s experiences drive her passion to help clients discover and live their own version of well-being and to reach boldly for their life dreams by overcoming the physical, emotional, and psychological obstacles in their way.

Known as the family “granola girl,” Paula is humored in her culinary experimentation by her patient husband Peter and her children – budding chefs Anika, Pagiel, and Tyan. They enjoy hiking, camping, and skiing – living la vida healthy in the desert on the Colorado Western Slope.


Paula is an amazing, intuitive coach who is always fully present with me when we meet. She listens to me, hears what I say and is able to “read between my lines” to what I am REALLY saying.

She helps me get to the heart of what I am feeling and where I am blocked much much faster than I could ever do myself. She doesn’t let me get away with the easy answers but keeps asking and asking deeper and deeper questions until I am able to get to that place where I can find the real answers.

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Paula is warm, caring and compassionate. She leads me with gentle firmness through the “crap” in my head and gets me to where my heart wants to be in order to make breakthroughs to grow as a person. I am deeply grateful for having met Paula and for the time that we are able to spend together.

~Mary Tirrell, Colorado


Paula has a gentle, honest approach as a health coach.  She’s been easy for me to cry as well as laugh with as I’ve walked through many events these past six months that even one alone could have really knocked me off center!  I have changed for the better in areas of my life which I’m not sure I would have been so quick to work on without Paula’s gentle yet strong and clear steps for more positive mindset, focus, and attention.  Anyone looking for positive changes in life, would benefit by asking Paula to walk with you for  support as your health coach.

~Denise Ahern, Colorado


When Paula and I had our initial consultation, I have to be honest, I was quite a skeptic. Not in Paula’s skills, but in my own ability to make a change – a change for life. I wanted to change, I wanted to feel better more than anything, but had no idea how to push myself to the next level – I didn’t have the confidence or the tools to even accomplish it. Paula gave me all of that! At first I thought it would be all about food and healthy eating, but I got so much more than that – more than I could have ever imagined. I think the biggest wake up call came when Paula asked me to join her at her family’s cottage on Lake Michigan. We had our session on the beach and I will never get this time with her out of my head.

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She poked, she prodded, she dug deep inside my head. She was tough yet kind and she didn’t back down to my hesitation – something I truly needed. I was a giant ball of stress but Paula had nothing but confidence in the things she helped me discover and the changes I was going to make in my life. I never would have thought that girl on the beach would be the girl I am today. I went from “I’ll try” to “I will.” I’ve learned to give up control and let others help. I’ve learned how to manage my time and live a much more fulfilling life. I’ve learned how to care for myself on such a deeper level than the normal day to day activities. I can confidently say I know how to let things go and live life a lot more freely. I spend more time doing the things I love and with the people I love than stressing about all the work I have to do to run a business and just keep up with every day life. I really don’t think I can thank her enough or even write a testimonial good enough to justify what she’s done for me. She’s helped me get my life back and pulled drive out of me I never knew existed. She’s helped me slow down and enjoy the short time we have on earth and savor every moment of it. I tear up thinking of the person I once was and how much time I wasted stressing and running around like a lunatic trying to do everything myself and losing sleep over the things I had no control over. Not only does my spirit feel great, my body feels amazing. I’ve lost about 20 pounds since my sessions with Paula and it’s weight I never want back! She’s taught me that food doesn’t have to be my enemy and I can still indulge in moderation AND ENJOY IT WITHOUT GUILT!! My experience with Paula has been nothing but life changing and I’m eternally grateful for the time she spent with me.

~Maria Lewis, Michigan

Starting back to school and trying to keep my health and exercise in check was a bit of a challenge for me. Thank goodness I found Paula! She has shown me new and better ways to overcome obstacles and also how to stay motivated with my fitness and eating goals. With her help, I have set goals that I know are obtainable and I know I that I can stay on track. Her expertise and patience has also helped me during those times when I wanted to just give up. But now I have the tools I need to reach all my health goals! She is truly amazing! Thank you Paula from the bottom of my heart!

~Vickie Phoenix, Utah


Paula is a Fantastic Health Coach! She’s helped me manage an exciting and hectic end to this year’s challenges and led me into a wonderful New Year!

~Sherri Nevala-Rigelman, Washington

One Body, One Life

Paula Roelands is available to support individuals, groups, and programs of corporate health in designing a bio-individualized program specific to your unique needs to create the sustainable, healthy and vibrant life you desire and deserve.