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Program: Thyroid Pathfinder: Bringing better balance and thyroid function, reducing symptoms, and revitalizing health.
Begins:  Keep an eye out for upcoming programs in the next couple months!
Cost: $397 (monthly payment option available)

12 Weeks to BETTER Thyroid Function. In this program, you will experience:

BETTER HORMONE BALANCE AND FUNCTION:  thyroid and overall hormone balance and interaction. Whether you are currently on medication or not, we will use dietary nutrition, and nourishing lifestyle shifts to help your hormones begin to tune in better to one another. Getting hormones to “talk’ with one another and synchronize communication help clear the way for your body systems to ‘fix’ your engine, making way for the beginning of a more natural recovery it is designed to do.

BETTER ENERGY: Help your body recover some of that get that get-up-and-go again to perform at higher levels and bring your body into a higher level of performance to build daily wins into weekly and lifetime ability to keep on thriving.

BETTER BODY: Reduce or even eliminate uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms that get in the way of your life by calming the body’s immune response and bringing nutrients to areas your body can use. Together we will recreate a lifestyle that supports the healthy body and life you want!


Feeling dull, uninspired, and as though your body just isn’t doing what it used to…or what you’d LIKE it to be doing? Just “at odds” and not sure why your body isn’t playing along as nicely as it used to? We can CHOOSE our relationship with our body…


If your hormones are behaving like a bunch of kids in their first ear splitting violin-playing attempts, and you’d rather they behaved like a well-rehearsed orchestra, this is your starting place.  Our many hormones affect ALL our body functions. When they  are not working  together, we experience…


We are all unique. Our bodies have similar parts, functions, and even looks. Yet your body operates differently from your brother’s, your father’s, your friend’s.  Our cells take in information through our lifetime, creating a map of learned responses, behaviors, and coping mechanisms unique to each of us.


More than 70% of our immune system lies in the gut, which acts as the right hand man to our brain. A fantastic system when working together well, our body is very good at giving us a good idea that something is wrong.


Is your skin telling you something is wrong… but you don’t speak “skin”? Our largest organ is a real truth teller when it comes to imbalances, with dryness, breakouts, paper-thinness, or jowly flabbiness. How do we help…?

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